Internet shopping vs Traditional shopping

In societies, shopping is reflected as a Primary and important need. The fundamental purpose of shops and markets is to fulfil the necessities and essential requirements of people. Whereas, the shopping method is now more shifted towards modern means. Every brand, the organization is now planning to move their goods or services to digital platforms to keep their place, reputation in the modern world and its technologies. In this blog, the point of discussion will be the positives and negatives of Digital means shopping and Traditional methods of marketing.

Let’s begin with the conventional method it has several advertising and marketing sources such as printed flyers, advertisements on the television, advertisements through the radio and in the newspaper, etc. this was the time when people used to trade and market their products while having a physical location to store and sell their products and services. Window shopping, the physical stores were in fashion, most of the people enjoyed the overall activity to revive and unwind themselves. Nevertheless, this is somehow changing given the current circumstances.

The means of internet shopping got popular recently due to the pandemic Covid-19 which restricted people to stay home and using digital means. Therefore, shopping is massively shifting towards online stores such as Alibaba, Amazon, Daraz, etc. where items and products are displayed, purchased online. Moreover, many traders only have an online store where inventory is not needed they just take your order directly share its details with their supplier, you get your item via courier within a few days.

In contrast to pricing, we can easily identify the online stores offer affordable prices than physical stores. The main factor is the running expenses which are added such as electricity bill, store rent, staff salaries, and other miscellaneous charges. Hence, it is certain, that a huge price difference exists between these aforementioned shopping methods. Although, when it comes to online shopping it is observed people are more reluctant to share their credit/debit card details. Since, hacking attempts, stealing personal details is quite common these days. In addition to that, in online shopping, it is more likely that people may not have the actual feel of the item or product as a result, sometimes the received product may vary from the ordered product. Many service providers have figured out this issue with the help of online third-party security companies to ensure secure payment methods, warranty, return of the product if you are not satisfied

In a nutshell, even though with the introduction of advanced technologies, companies are shifting their shopping mode to digital platforms. However, to convince society more time and effort are required to go for digital shopping instead of traditional shopping.

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