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If you have a Facebook business page, personal account, or any group that you’ve been working on for years, or you are just starting over your journey of getting recognized by your target audience; you must think of reading Facebook Community Guidelines and privacy policy to save it.

Facebook has a massive audience of about  2.95 Billion people from all around the globe. To manage such a large community, several rules are made to ensure use safety which are called community standards. Community guidelines have all the details about anything that Facebook considers a violation and takes rigorous decisions against any account or pages that go against it.

Why Most Facebook Account Get Blocked?!

Facebook clearly shares all the guidelines about account creation, its best use, posting, and almost anything you may need to know. Most people do not even bother to read the privacy policy, terms, and conditions and even neglect to check the latest updates on community standards guidelines.

Why Your Business Pages Are At Risk

So the main concept you need to understand is for every social platform there are some phases that start with attracting users, reaching almost all the target audience, and retention & maintenance. Facebook has the highest number of users and now the focus is on user experience and maintenance. So in this phase, all the Meta’s efforts are toward taking strict decisions against any violations and eliminating all the pages and users that may create disturbance either intentionally or unintentionally.


To keep your business pages safe from any community guideline violation threat please take some time and read Facebook Community Guidelines 2023, and also keep up with the new updates.

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