What Is DA Pa and why it’s Important for your Website?

DA Domain Authority and PA Page Authority in SEO & What Meant

What Is DA Pa and why it’s Important for Your Website?

If you don’t know what is Domain Authority and Page Authority then you are at the right site and at the end of this article you’ll be aware of not only the definition of DA PA but also the use of da pa, the origin of Da pa, why high domain authority and the page authority is important for your websites and above all, how to increase DA PA of your website? So let’s start with the basics.

What is MOZ?

Whenever you listen to the terms Domain Authority and Page Authority you’ll always come across the name MOZ which is directly associated with DA & PA. So, what is MOZ?! It is basically an SEO services company commenced in 2004 by the name SEO Moz which aims to simplify the complexity of SEO for its users. DA and PA both are matrices designed by the MOZ. To understand both one must know the definition of da and pa, which MOZ has defined in loud and clear words.

What is Domain Authority?

MOZ defines domain authority as follows:

“Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score that predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs).

The actual Domain Authority calculation itself uses a machine learning model to predictively find a “best fit” algorithm that most closely correlates our link data with rankings across thousands of actual search results that we use as standards to scale against.”

In simple words, domain authority (DA) is a score that predicts the chances of your website being ranked above competitors on the Search engine results page. To predict an authentic website’s domain authority MOZ uses an Artificial Intelligence model to find the best correlating results for you.

Domain authority is indicated on a scale from 0 to 100 (Zero to Hundred) which shows the ranking of the website. A score closer to 100 is better but a score closer to 0 is fatal. So developers always want to grow to a hundred.

Now, always remember that MOZ is a comparative analysis tool and your rankings are dynamic and tend to change from time to time with any change done by a developer on your website or any change done by the competitor on his website. Sounds a bit complex?! Don’t worry, we’ll discuss this scenario in depth in this article with examples so you will know how to check your domain authority properly.

What is Page Authority?

MOZ has also defined the term Page Authority as:

“Page Authority (PA) is a score developed by Moz that predicts how well a specific page will rank on

search engine result pages (SERP).”

Page Authority just like domain authority is a number that indicates ranking but instead of a complete website, it represents the ranking of a specific page. It is also ranked from 0 to 100 (Zero to Hundred) while close to hundred is a better score and close to zero shows a red alert for your website ranking.

You know the basic definition of DA PA very well. So now we are moving further on how to check domain authority and page authority properly. If you are still with us, we have some very helpful tips for you too at the end of this article.

How to check Domain authority and Page authority properly?

Domain authority and Page authority might be the most undermined and less understood topics but the good news is; that finding the DA PA of your website is much easier. Just follow the following steps to find out your website DA PA.

1. Go to the “MOZ Link Explorer”.

2. Enter the URL of your Website or Page

3. Create a free account, if you don’t have one.

4. Get your results and analyze them.

There are some other website performance analysis tools also available that you may use for your website. But it is also notable that these tools do not have the same standard of measuring your DA and PA.

For Example, the DA score on MOZ 46 can be equivalent to the score of 60 on another tool which clearly depicts that all these tools are not on the same page although they offer the same services.

So how to check the results properly? Finding the actual results from the analyzed data can be difficult without knowing the proper. So don’t worry we got them covered with this. Just follow the expert guidelines they get accurate results.

Select one tool only:

Selecting one tool is important, and choose carefully according to your Website. All these tools do not work on the same standards so a score of 22 DA might be equal to the 35 DA of another tool. So it is very important to select one tool to compare the results and analyze the data accurately.

Competitive analysis:

High DA and PA itself don’t increase the ranking but they provide the prediction. To analyze your success one must run a competitive analysis test. It means you must check your Scoring and should compare it to your competitors. If your website’s score is higher than your competitor then it’s a good sign for you but if the results are opposites then you need to increase your SEO efforts.

Continuous check:

DA and PA are dynamic scores and change continuously. So to maintain a higher DA and PA, it is recommended to have a daily check on your DA and PA score

Improve and Win:

Continuous checks provide continuous directions for improvement. Improving all aspects one by one leads to the Win and rewards you with a good ranking on the Google search engine result page. Now we have come to the part where you will find out how to increase da and pa. Here we’ll also share the best-proven ways to get high DA and PA.

How do increase Domain Authority & Page Authority?!

Increasing DA and PA is a consistent progression process and it also increases over time only if you put the right effort into it.

Build an Error-free Site:

Bugs and errors can directly impact not only the DA but also the brand reputation badly. Most web owners are so excited to launch their website that they even miss some of the bugs while publishing it over the internet. Remember! Google prefers error-free websites with good User Interfaces. So make sure your website is bug-free and has a good UI before Google crawl and Index content analyzes it.

Optimize loading time:

A good website with ideal DA and PA depends greatly on the web page loading speed and takes up to 3 seconds to load the interface. A slow-processing website increases the bounce rate by up to drastically 85%.
Bounce rate is the number of visitors returning back without buying your product or services eventually causing swear damage to the website Domain and Page Authority. So it’s very important to optimize the website’s loading time.

Mobile-friendly Website:

Mobile is the most used piece of modern technology and according to a survey, more than 63% of Google users are using it through mobile devices. That tells us that your website must be a mobile-friendly site otherwise it will cost you most of your visitors. Mobile-friendly sites tend to have more DA & PA so rank higher on the search engine result page.

Consistent Guest Blogging:

On Google, Content is the King and the key to success. Quality content can reward you best quality backlinks which eventually increase the Domain Authority and Page Authority. Writing great guest blogs consistently will increase web traffic and ranking. So it’ll get the job done with organic traffic. 

Build Quality Backlinks:
When we talk about DA & PA or Google ranking, Backlinks are crucial for every website. Backlinks are directly proportional to the domain authority. So more backlinks mean more chances to rank on the top. So increasing the backlinks must be a goal for you if you want a good DA or PA score. While increasing the backlinks one must look for high-quality backlinks.
High-quality backlinks are those links from high-ranking and well-reputed websites. It’s not very easy to get several good-quality backlinks but we’ll also guide you about how to get high-quality backlinks some other day.

Remove the low-quality backlinks:

Having high-quality backlinks increase the DA & PA but at the same time having low-quality backlinks can hit your website ranking adversely. There’s nothing you can do to recover these links but get rid of them, So it’s important to remove all low-quality backlinks. Many tools can be used to identify these spam backlinks like MOZ or Semrush.


We hope by now you must understand the Definition of DA and PA, What is da and pa, why you must have high domain authority and page authority, and how to increase da and pa.
By all the points that we have discussed above, we can easily conclude that DA and PA are definitely important for your Website. It does not guarantee ranking success but predicts and provides direction toward the right way. Moreover, the websites with high domain authority rank higher in the Search engine result pages. So it’s recommended to have a high Domain authority and page authority.

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